Today, in the information era; there are plenty of those who are willing to buy things that might be or not be legal in the countries that they staying in. Before the invention of the Internet people had to buy things that were not allowed through person-to-person transaction which could be a hard thing to do given some people live in a far away place which could be a hard thing to transact with because the seller or the buyer has to travel to the location where they would want to meet so that the buyer could buy the product of the seller. Nowadays with the invention of the Internet, the black market has gotten more smart and dubious with their strategies for selling illegal things such illegal things can be drugs, weapons and even persons. The black market on the internet or otherwise called the darknet markets are hard to spot since they are not on a internet provider. The black market is stationed at the ToR Browser which is a browser that where people can do things anonymously without the threat of governments cracking down on them. There are plenty of shady businesses going on in the ToR browser and these businesses are very evil in times. Such businesses include human trafficking, drugs, weapons and even child pornography.

These things are all illegal in the normal web and are against the law. Governments try their best to take down these websites on the Darknet but most of these websites end up getting a new on which is far more sophisticated than the last one. The cash that is used on the darknet is not really money but mostly bitcoins since bitcoins are hard to trace and is also a currency. Bitcoins are expensive and they are used for transactions on the darknet. While there are some that still use bank accounts and transactions the norm is the bitcoin transactions since these things are harder to detect and are harder to trace. Right now there are still plenty of markets out there ready to sell the illegal goods that the suppliers have to offer and these markets are constantly getting visited by buyers and other persons that are interested in the dealing of illegal goods. Browsing the darknet markets can be dangerous and is not recommended for those who are just curious about the things in the market. 


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